Encounter #8.1: Last Minute Larry

App: Hinge

Name: Larry*

Date Location: Lillie’s Victorian Establishment

Location Review: 4.5 Stars – Absolutely beautiful. It was all decked out for Christmas and there is a screen in the back that plays 80s music videos. Love it!

Date Duration: 3 hours

What Happened:

After an unsuccessful scheduling I wasn’t expecting to hear from Larry. But low and behold, he asked me to meet him at 6pm. I got the text at 4pm and realized that I went to work bare faced that day. SHIT. My boss sent me out to get make up, I slapped some shit on there, and headed out for our date.

We met up and immediately headed up to the bar. After we ordered I took my card out to begin the check dance. Instead of pushing the card away he said, “We can split it when we get the tab later”. I am a strong independent woman, I am able to take care of myself. But damn it, I like being treated. I feel like on the first date the man pays. I did my make up on the office floor with a tiny sponge. Least you can do is hook a girl up with a Corona.

All the seats were taken so we ended up standing to the side. There was a chair open. Larry did not offer it up and instead took it. Bad move, Larry.

As far as a first date goes, he was fine. Very Irish, went to Bentley, played soccer, works in finance, Patriots fan, and wants a big family. Still had to carry the team on my back but he was cute and seemed like he had potential to be fun. I chalked it up to first date jitters/I come on very strong and probably scared the shit out of him.

He walked me to my train stop, we hugged, and I went on my way. Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting to hear from him but I got a text asking if I made it to Jersey okay. We chatted the next day but he wasn’t giving me much to work with so I didn’t send anything after my last text. I didn’t hear from him until one month later before I went home for Christmas. He messaged me on Hinge asking if I was free that night. Not only did I have plans, but it was fucking weird that he messaged me rather than text since he had my number.


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