The Full Story

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my young adult life is that dating is weird.

A little background, from 17-23 I had dated my high school sweetheart. We managed long distance throughout college, always thought we would be together and not to brag, could take a cute pic. However people mature, grow apart, and we ultimately broke up.

This led me to a whole new world which I knew nothing about. I had seen people use dating apps, heard their stories (both good and bad), and realized this was what my life would become.

3 months after my relationship ended I felt ready to embark in this new world. I downloaded the ever popular Tinder, Bumble, and threw in OkCupid and Hinge just to see. Within 1 week on the apps I had my first date courtesy of Bumble. It was the most awkward night of my life but I was so happy that I finally did it. I ripped the band aid off and joined the dating scene.

Over the last year I had my fair share of awkward first dates, undefined relationships, and a slew of messages. Then I moved to NYC and hot damn, things got interesting. There were so many more people, places to go, and awkward moments to be had.

Which brings me here. When I first started dating after my relationship I had no idea what to expect. (And really, I still don’t). But damn it, I love awkward stories. So here for your reading pleasure are my uncomfortable interactions mixed with sweet moments, realizations, and restaurant reviews.

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