Encounter #87.1: Jonah Hill

App: Bumble

Name: Jonah*

Date Location: Volare – Revere, MA

Location Review: 4.0 Stars – Overall pretty good. Finding parking was a bitch but the food was worth it.

Date Duration: 3 hours

What Happened:

There was a lot of back and forth leading up to this one. Jonah could hold a conversation and he seemed to be a nice enough guy. When he (finally) asked me to dinner, I couldn’t say no.

He beat me there and the hostess walked me over to a guy who was facing the wall. He got up to hug me and our boy looked like Jonah Hill. Not hot Jonah. Full Super Bad Jonah. Aw, fuck.

I’m not a completely shallow bitch so I decided to stay and really get a feel for him. He really didn’t ask me too many questions and it was one of those dates where I felt like I was being put on some kind of pedestal. Like yeah, I bought a gaming laptop so I could play the Sims and mod the game but I am by no means a gamer. He was having some nerd wet dream across the table from me and I just didn’t know how to take it.

We wrapped up dinner and I was ready to gtfo. He walked me to my car and I immediately swerved to his shoulder to avoid any kind of kiss. Just was not interested.

Now I probably should have said something to him afterward but, I didn’t have his number and I didn’t feel like messaging him on the app to immediately unmatch him. So the next morning I smashed that unmatch button and went about my day. Well, apparently I chose wrong because this popped into my Facebook messenger box:

Ummm WTF?

We have all been on the recipient end of ghosting and it’s not great. However, it was one date and I didn’t have your number. How invested can either of us really be at that point? Also, what exactly was end game here? Not sure there is any good answer to expect from a question like that. Good day, sir.

Encounter #85.1: The Carpenter

App: Bumble

Name: James*

Date Location: Coop’s – Quincy, MA

Location Review: 3.5 Stars – It’s a dive. You’ll be partying next to some 50-something named Richard but the drinks are decent.

Date Duration: 5 hours

What Happened:

In a moment of loneliness, I fell victim to purchasing Bumble Premium yet again. James was one of the few winners during this time.

To be honest, I didn’t take a good look at his profile before meeting up. He met my “requirements” and at that point in time, that was enough. We had a good back and forth going on the app which translated to text so when he asked if I wanted to go out, I immediately said yes.

He offered a dive bar and something a bit classier but since I am trash, picked the dive route. He beat me there and the bar was full so I had no idea who I was really looking for. I called him, a man turned around, and that was not what I signed up for. Fuck it. Already there. Could stay for a drink.

When I got home I looked at his profile and saw what happened. Most of his pics had this other guy in them so I just assumed the other guy was who I was meeting up with and I just didn’t look close enough.

Despite not being the most attractive, James delivered. We just had a solid banter and he took the time to ask questions. He had grown up in the area and then got into construction so he ended up going down to Florida to flip houses for a while. Eventually, he made his way back up to MA and did tiling and caulking jobs. He lived maybe 10/15 minutes from me and did not vote republican. Really, couldn’t ask for more.

I just liked talking to him and there was an interesting sexual tension between us that I wanted to explore. I can’t explain it but we had an energy there that I hadn’t had in a while. I don’t know if it was because we were polar opposites or if it was from all the Coronas we chugged but, it just felt like we were equally interested in the other and he had this air about him that drew me in.

We drank quite a bit and he covered everything. We shut the bar down so he walked me to my car around the corner (I can’t parallel park). I was cold so he put his arm around me which felt so good. It’s small, but those are the things that make me feel important.

As expected, when we got to the car we had a *tasteful make-out. Nothing too crazy but definitely left us both wanting more. So when he asked if we could go out again a few days later, I couldn’t say no.

Encounter #84.1: Basketball

App: Tinder

Name: Jeffrey*

Date Location: Acapulcos – Quincy, MA

Location Review: 2.0 Stars – You want a Mexican family restaurant that tastes like white people made the food? Look no further.

Date Duration: 3 hours

What Happened:

Jeffrey was a winner of “How Hot Can I Bag” to put it simply. There was no reason why this model of a human would swipe right on my ass but there we were.

There was some delay in us meeting up. I got sent out to travel for work earlier than expected and then with a delayed flight, it made us text for longer than I’d like. That said, the conversation leading up wasn’t particularly anything. We covered general stuff but we were by no means up each other’s assholes. He used to play basketball at the college behind my apartment and lived with a former teammate. He used to own a house but sold it to move back up here and he played Call of Duty on occasion. Really, nothing out of the ordinary.

Finally, my ass landed back in Boston and we made plans to go out. He picked this random ass restaurant that I remembered from local tv ads as a kid. Just an interesting vibe for a first date.

He looked as good as his photos and quickly I realized that was all he really brought to the table. The conversation was terrible. I was carrying the team on my damn back and he at no point volleyed a question my way.

At one point, he got up to use the bathroom and I went to text my friend about how shitty it was. It was then I realized we had only been out for 32 minutes. 32. Fucking. Minutes. That’s not even a whole episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I was planning on leaving when he came back but he suggested food and I was broke so I went for it.

It just went downhill from there. We started at “What are you looking for?” which I was very up front about. He then responds by telling me he’s looking to settle down and felt like it’s time since he’s getting older. Two beers later we ended at him asking if I was into rough sex and ever had a threesome. He then shared how he had a threesome with his best friend but based on the timeline, he had a girlfriend who was not the girl he was telling me about. So thank you for telling me how you cheated on your girl.

He then shared that he had pregamed the date. I asked if it was because he was nervous. Nope. Just wanted to be buzzed before he got there. I get it. But why are you telling me this?

It was time for me to go and he insisted on walking me to my car. Fuck. Was hoping to ditch him. When we got to the car I tried my hardest but couldn’t escape. We made out. I mean the make out was fine but it wasn’t good enough to make up for everything else.

When I got home, I got the drunken “Come throughhh” text. Nope. Too old for this shit. Blocked. Unmatched. Done.

Encounter #82.1: Brazil

App: Hinge

Name: Joao*

Date Location: Spettus Brazilian Steakhouse & Fowler House Cafe – Quincy, MA

Location Review:  3.5 Stars – The parking lot gave me food poisoning vibes but everything was fine. Apparently as far as Brazilian BBQ goes, it’s okay but the food was cheap.

3.5 Stars – It’s your basic sports bar. Has cozy atmosphere though.

Date Duration: 9 hours

What Happened:

My “bar” at this point in time was at a historical low so it was very refreshing to match with someone who genuinely wanted to talk to me. Not too long into chatting on the app we moved to text and conversation was easy. Joao even would remember shit I said and then follow up on it days later. For example, I told him I was getting my booster shot whatever day and this kid texted me the day of to wish me luck and see how I was going. Just very sweet.

We texted nearly nonstop so we covered decent ground going in. I did know that he had a breakup recent-ish and that it was a long-term thing since he got a dog with his ex around 2017ish and she ended up keeping it. But we’re also 30 so not too shocking at this point. We did have similar taste in music though. Both of us bump Daughtry more than we should admit and it was fun sending song recs back and forth. He also has struggled with weight and body image in the past which was extremely comforting on my end. I don’t find a lot of men truly “get it” so it was refreshing to talk to someone who could sympathize.

Finally, it came time to meet up and he offered to come close to me which I always appreciate. Since he is Brazilian, BBQ came up quite a bit and since he knew the ropes he offered to take me. There was only one Brazilian place by me and there were questionable yelp reviews, but fuck it. We were in it together.

The parking lot looked like a place where I’d get food poisoning no lie. But, I saw Joao in the parking lot, and not only did he look like his pics, he was cute. Very tall and had a broader build so I felt like a lady.

We got in and he talked me through everything. Also was super hot when he ordered for me in Portuguese. Oh my god. I know he was just ordering chicken but it sounded so sexy and I kept staring at him like a loser.

We sat down to eat and conversation was just as easy as it was over text. So easy, that we were at the restaurant for a solid 5 hours. Politically, we had the same views and it was clear he knew his shit. Also, we got a little deep. It came up at some point that I had been with someone for 6 years from high school into college and that’s when he gave me a little more about himself. That relationship he had told me about over text, was his ex-wife. They had been together for 12 years, 4 of which they were married, and it ended when she cheated on him. So when I asked him if he had any bad dates this explained why he didn’t have much to say. He really never dated.

I didn’t mind this. If anything, it kinda made him hotter. I know I am jaded AF so to be with someone who really had no idea what to expect and is “house trained” so to speak, was refreshing.

Since we had been at the restaurant so long we heard the music start repeating, I asked if he wanted to go to a bar down the road. At this point, I didn’t know how he felt about me but he agreed so I guess I was in the clear.

The next place went similarly. We talked and talked and talked until the bar closed down. He had parked behind me so we walked together. I kept giving him the eyes not sure what to expect. We hugged, which considering he had never really dated I took as a good sign, and I was happy to see his name pop up on my phone when I got home.

Encounter # 81.1: The Therapist

App: Bumble

Name: Allen*

Date Location: Sweetgreen & Yvonne’s – Boston, MA

Location Review: N/A – It’s fine. Food was good but not a religious experience by any means.

3.5 stars – Had a warm, intimate aesthetic and the cocktails were good. Just pricey on food

Date Duration: 6 hours

What Happened:

I don’t know if Bumble knew I was desperate or just wanted to throw a bitch a bone but, I was offered Premium for a discounted price. Normally I don’t believe in paying for dating apps but I figured for $15 I could hedge my bets. If you’re a Bumble fan, the premium may be worth it. Not really for seeing who already likes you (apparently fuggo men with no solid job are what I attract) but, for the filters.

Did I swipe through all men in the Boston area who wanted a relationship, were over 5’7″, between the ages of 27-34, and voted liberal? Yes. Very quickly. But it was nice having the app do all the sifting for me.

During this period I matched with Allen. There wasn’t anything on his profile that particularly stood out but he matched the requirements and conversation on the app was decent. We exchanged numbers and texting was kept to a minimum which was fine but he did follow up a lot to be sure we were on for that Saturday.

He worked as a therapist for families and young adults specifically, young men. One night he called me between clients and we chatted for about an hour and it was good. Just very easy and he gave me an insane amount of lay-ups for jokes so I wasn’t going to complain. We also went over the itinerary for the date that weekend and he suggested dinner/drinks in Chinatown, go shoot pool, and then maybe hit up this bar he thought looked cool if we were up for it. Solid ass plan. Seemed like a good date.

The plan was for me to meet him at Downtown Crossing. I beat him there and he called me to tell me he was running late because of an accident. Fine. There’s a Macy’s. I can entertain myself. He called me again about 10 minutes later saying he was close but that it would probably be easier just to pick me up. I mean weird. I don’t normally get into a car on the first date but figured fuck it, he’s a therapist. If I died, it would be newsworthy and destroy his career. What did I have to lose?

He parked and walked over to me. Solid 5. Nothing amazing lookswise, but not horrible. Definitely have done worse. Once we got in the car he asked if I was fine with going to Sweetgreen. I mean sure but that is not Chinatown nor is it really a date place. That is a quick lunch with the girls between meetings spot. I wasn’t going to be a pain in the ass though so I agreed.

He didn’t want to go to the one in Downtown Crossing though so we drove over to the one in Copley. Why? I couldn’t fucking tell you.

In the car ride over, he kept teasing me because I didn’t know where anything in Boston was. I had only moved there a few months ago BUT OKAY YEAH WHY AM I NOT THE MAYOR?

As we were driving, the area looked familiar so I asked him if there was a nightclub nearby. Then the following conversation took place:

“Yeah, Royale is around the corner.”

“Cool, that’s what I thought.”

“I performed there once. Remember the video I showed you?”

“…what video?”

“The one of me break dancing.”

*Hands me his phone and makes me watch a 7-minute video of said performance*

Then he kept referencing his “crew” and I was too stunned to speak. I got the ick. I got the ick HARD. There is something about a 34-year-old, 5’7″ white man telling you about his passion that is break dancing. I was dying. At one point I asked him if they wore any special type of shoes. His answer? “Nah, just a pair of kicks. Oh! I mean sneakers.” Vomit in my mouth.

We got to Sweetgreen and if you’re not familiar, it’s more or less salad Chipotle. Right before we got to the register he says out of nowhere, “Do you mind going dutch on this?” Double ick. If I liked him, I may not have cared that much but there is something about a man suggesting salad on a first date and then not offering to pay that rubs me the wrong way. If we were at a Chili’s, whole different story. I’ll pay for my half. But a fast-food salad place? Seemed weird.

Despite all that ick, the conversation was good in that I got to talk about myself nearly the entire time. I tried asking him questions and he’d either skirt them or just give me a basic enough answer to satisfy me and then talk about me again.

At some point, he asked if I liked art so next thing I knew I was being carted to the South End to look at some galleries. Not really my jam but, I was nowhere near my train station to go home and I had nothing else to do. When we got there, the ick progressed. Maybe he is illiterate but, all these places had signs saying they were closed. And yet, Allen would go up to every door and try to open it which felt embarrassing for no reason.

We found one gallery that was open so we chit-chatted between artists’ rooms. He kept dodging my questions though. At one point I asked him if it was hard dating as a therapist since you can see so many red flags so early on. All he had to say was it was only hard to date another therapist because it would get too clinical. He then threw in that talking to me felt like talking to a normal person. I clapped back that it was because of my mental illness.

At another point, I asked if he owned his own practice or was working for someone since he mentioned he started his own business. Instead of answering my question, he handed me a business card. I mean that didn’t answer the question but thanks?

Speaking of business cards, in nearly every single artist room we went into this man would ask for the artist’s card. This made no sense to me because if you can’t afford to pay for my mediocre Sweetgreen, I don’t think you can afford a $5,000 painting. BUT I DIGRESS.

As we left the galleries he asked me about dating in NYC and in NH. I told him NY was hard because I wanted to get married and have a family and no one else did. I was raised a certain way and that was what I wanted. Then he asked me how I was raised in a tone I knew very well. It’s a tone I hear every other Tuesday. That is the tone my fucking therapist uses. Fuck. This.

He then asked me about my previous relationships and said in that fucking tone, “It sounds like you really cared about these people.” NO FUCKING SHIT. If I am letting someone inside me that much, yeah. I’m probably going to care a bit. We were dating.

When we got back to the car he mentioned getting drinks and I was trying to angle to go home. I said I needed to get back to my car before midnight so it wouldn’t get towed so I had to be mindful of time to get the train. He then insisted that he would drive me back to my car and refused to take no for an answer. He said, “I like opportunities where I get to assert myself as a gentleman.” No idea where that energy was when I got my salad but there was no way around it. I was locked in.

We ended up going to the higher-end bar he mentioned in our phone call and he made a point to cover my drink. The bar itself was cute. He was not though. He got drunk after 1 drink. ONE. And then he said he was a lightweight. Well no fucking shit but also if you knew this, why would you slug a drink that fast? No joke, I was maybe 1/4 through mine and I tend to chug. He also kept trying to lean towards me or touch my arm and I was recoiling into the woman next to me.

At this point, he was slurring his words slightly and then started telling me why men are emotionally unavailable. Allegedly, it’s because they feel if they open up they won’t be seen as useful so they end up abandoning themselves. Bitchhhhh, I am not the person to have that conversation with. Just need to read one of these fucking posts to know how I feel about men.

He then asked if I wanted to go salsa dancing after I finished my drink. No. I was fucking done with this marathon of ick. I hit my limit so I made up some bullshit that my Advil I took post-COVID booster was rubbing off and I needed to head back. He agreed to take me home and then took SO LONG to walk to the front door of this bar. I swear the universe went into slow motion for a minute. Then, as we were leaving and I could see the door to salvation he stopped. And you know what this fucker did. HE ASKED THE HOST FOR THE BAR’S BUSINESS CARD. WHY? WHAT IS THIS MAN’S OBBSESSION WITH BUSINESS CARDS?

In the car on the way to where I parked, he asked if I felt more romantic or friendship vibes. I didn’t want to be a bitch to his face so I said I really didn’t know. He said the same. I said, “Oh, that’s FIIIIIINE”, a bit too loud because he then made a comment that I should say it a bit louder for the cars behind us to hear.

He went on to say, “I think we should keep exploring this and see if we can figure out if it’s friendship or romantic. So, I propose we go out again and be mindful of physical boundaries. Keep it to just hugging and see how it goes.” BARF. So fucking clinical. If you have to say that, it’s not a romantic connection in the least.

He dropped me off, we hugged, and I didn’t hear from him the next day so I thought I was in the clear. 3 days later he asked me to hang out again and I, politely, shut that down.

Encounter #80.1: Helluva Guy

App: Hinge

Name: Moses*

Date Location: Fox & Hound – Quincy, MA

Location Review:  3.5 Stars – It’s fine. Food was good but not a religious experience by any means.

Date Duration: 2 hours

What Happened:

Going in I wasn’t sure what to expect. He texted me quite a bit leading up so that’s always a toss up. Either we would have chemistry or, we just had a first date through iMessage and would be left with nothing.

Moses had some fun ass facts I will say that. His family was from the Congo and he worked as a behavioral therapist. However, he was also an actor. Did I roll my eyes at that? Yes. But, apparently he was half decent because he was in a Helluva dip super bowl commercial last year.

He offered to come by me which was appreciated and he picked the restaurant. Love a guy who makes plans. He parked next to me and when I glanced over he not only looked like his pictures but, it looked like he took the time to pick out a nice outfit and all that. Love it.

Conversation was dry AF. It felt like an awkward interview. I know I have a big personality but holy shit, he was not giving me anything to work with. It was just me grilling him and then laughing at my own jokes.

Thank goodness the restaurant closed earlier than we thought it did because it gave a solid out. Also, he failed the check dance. I went to throw my card down and he didn’t stop me. Okay, fine. We’re splitting it. Surprised, but it is what it is. What sucked though is that the waitress didn’t see his card so ran the entire check on mine. Womp womp.

We parked next to each other and did the awkward goodbye dance. He seemed like he wanted to kiss me but I just couldn’t read it clearly so went for the hug to be safe. When I got home I got the “Had so much fun…let’s do this again” text. I felt differently so politely declined and that was the end of that.

Encounter #79.1: Mass Bae

App: Tinder

Name: Frank*

Date Location: The Townshend – Quincy, MA

Location Review:  4.0 Stars – Good food. Good cocktails. Good vibes.

Date Duration: 2 hours

What Happened:

After things ended with Owen, I didn’t really know what to do. I had moved to a new place and that was a lot in itself but it was weird knowing that I would be shifting back to people who were complete strangers. No knowledge of me. No knowledge of how I grew up. But what scared me most was no accountability. It didn’t matter what I or anyone else did because there was no allegiance. And that was kinda scary, to be honest. Because of COVID, I really hit that NH dating scene hard and it is a small ass state. Even if I didn’t go to high school with someone, there was always a friend of a friend the other knew. This was going to be different.

Eventually, I fired up the apps again and quickly matched with Frank. He was tall, had dark hair, seemed a little nerdy, but was cute. Fuck it. Got nothing to lose. The conversation on the app was good. He was responsive and kept the conversation moving. He did take a while to ask me out but he was willing to drive an hour north of where he lived to meet me so had to give credit where it was due.

The date itself? Meh. This guy wined and dined the fuck out of me though. Apps, cocktails, entrees. Whole thing. But conversation was so incredibly dry and I felt like I was interrogating him. I hated it but I just kept thinking about Owen and how much easier it was to talk to him rather than this fucker.

I did find out though that his last relationship ended maybe 3 months prior, they were together for 5+ years, plus they had a house and a dog together. So our boy was going through it.

After a few hours I called time of death and we walked together towards the parking garage. He got street parking so we did the awkward “Wtf do we do now” dance at his car. I didn’t know where he was at so I went in for the hug and a part of me thought he wanted more but then he didn’t ask me for my number.

He did message me when he got home but it just wasn’t for me. Unmatched. Game Over.

Encounter #78.1 – I’m in Miami, Bitch

App: Tinder

Name: Alec*

Date Location: JW Marriott – Miami, FL

Location Review:  4.0 Stars – It’s a classic, swanky hotel bar. Did smell REALLY good though

Date Duration: 4 hours

What Happened:

The moment I checked into my hotel room I was pissed I had no one to share it with because holy shit, it was a sexy ass room. Balcony, waterfall shower, giant tub, the works. I’m not saying I was looking to fuck but like if the vibe was right I could have been swayed.

I did want to see wtf people were like in Florida so I fired up ye olde Tinder and got swiping. Fairly early into the trip, I found Alec. He didn’t have much on his bio but he was cute and knew how to keep conversation moving. Within a few messages he asked if we could meet at my hotel’s bar that night. IT’S HAPPENING.

As we got closer to when I had to meet him, I began to panic. This was Florida. There is a reason why “Florida Man” is a thing. Also, I don’t know what it is about Miami but every building looks like a murder took place in it. As far as I was concerned, I was going to die that night.

Alec messaged me saying he was there so my ass hustled down from my room that was on the complete other side of the resort. I opened the bar door and saw him look up. He looked like his pics. We were fine.

We sat down on one of the couches and got to chatting. As it turns out, he wasn’t from Florida at all. He was from Denver and needed a break from work so he was traveling down the coast going snorkeling and just doing whatever he damn well pleased.

Talking to him was so easy. I don’t know if it was because I pregamed or because we weren’t ever going to see each other again but, we had a genuinely nice time. I can’t speak for him but, it was probably the most honest I’ve really been on a first date. I even told him about this shit. (Alec, if you’re reading this, what’s good?)

He said he didn’t really use the apps or date much which I found interesting. He said he’d just meet people out at the grocery store and shit so he never had to use them…K. Maybe he had a gf back home, we’ll never know. Also apparently everyone in Denver wants to get married so I guess I’m living on the wrong side of the country.

We had shut the bar down and I had to work the next morning so it was time to call it a night. I walked him to the hotel door and I was ready. I was going to at least have a sexy make-out. Instead, we hugged and he went on his way into the Miami moonlight.

Encounter #77.1: Landscaper

App: Tinder

Name: Ethan*

Date Location: Portsmouth Gaslight Company – Portsmouth, NH

Location Review:  4.0 Stars – Always good food and a good time

Date Duration: 6 hours

What Happened:

As soon as we matched on Tinder, Ethan just seemed so fucking fun. He was very high energy and it didn’t take long for him to ask me out. Only problem was I was busy af so it was going to be a minute until we could see each other.

He kept up with texting me and all that in the week leading up and conversation over text was good. Nothing too spicy, always asked how my day was, and we would dick around here and there. As we got closer to the date it did seem like he was legitimately planning something so that was nice.

Going in, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. He looked shorter in his pics but he did look cute. (He also did look a touch fratty but it was confirmed that he did not do the Greek life back in the day.) He was definitely into sports and shit so that’s always a toss up. Was he a bro or did he just like bro things?

He beat me to the restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised that when he stood up he was taller than me. Ka. Chow. He was also cuter in person. He had really big eyes, dark hair, and some full lips that I thoroughly planned on making out with later.

Conversation overall was decent. There were a few silences but nothing all that concerning. He seemed to have a decent head on his shoulders. He worked full time as a landscaper and had a good relationship with his mom. All in all not bad.

I was just so excited he fed me that when he asked if I wanted to keep hanging and get a drink on the water I was dumbfounded. WTF is this? A guy wanting to take me out like a person? Weird. But that’s on my NYC trauma.

We just kept chatting away and when we finished he still wanted to hang out so we walked to a park that was on the water. We stood at the water’s edge and I kept making the eyes. There would be small breaks in conversation and I was just WAITING for him to make the move. I suggested we park our asses on the bench behind us and he immediately put his arm around me. Good, good. This is progress.

Within moments we kissed and it was fucking good. Like full make out for minutes straight off that first move. If we weren’t in a public park, things definitely would have happened. I may have given an over the pants hand job and he definitely got all up in my chest. Wasn’t mad.

He did ask me to go home with him which I declined and he was cool about. Tbh, that just made him hotter since he passed the Gobstopper Test. We spent the rest of the night chatting, making out, and trying to avoid anyone seeing us sucking major face.

We covered quite the ground between make outs. To start, our strip club experiences. Then we went into art and how we like to buy when we travel. Then it came out that I wear gps tracking jewelry when I go out in case shit goes haywire and I need to let my friends know. And we rounded it out with if he’s an ass or tits guy to which he responded, “Tits are AIDS”.

It was late and he walked me back to my car holding my hand the whole way. I then fucking embarrassed myself because it took me an oddly long time to find my damn car. Once we found it we made out more and I was on my way. To my surprise, he texted me that night saying he had fun and then asked to see me again. Not too shabby.

Encounter # 75.1: Shmeh

App: Bumble

Name: Marty*

Date Location: El Rincon & Bonfire – Manchester, NH

Location Review:  3.0 Stars – Meh. Service was slow and it wasn’t anything special to ride home about. For NH I guess it’s fine.

2.5 Stars – It’s aight. If you really like country, you’ll probably like it but during the week it’s quiet. Does have live music on weekends that’s not bad though.

Date Duration: 4 hours

What Happened:

Marty and I talked on Bumble awhile back, he ended up meeting someone, and let me know. Well apparently that didn’t work out because he messaged me about a month or so after that.

Talking to him was easy and it wasn’t long until he asked me out for tacos and margs. Overall, the date was fine. The server did take like 20 minutes to get our drink order so there was a lot of awkward silence that could have been made easier with some booze.

Once we got some alcohol things were easier conversation wise. He was working with his dad in his father’s carpet cleaning business but was going to go to physical therapy school in the fall so he had goals. Did think it was kinda weird though that he still lived with his parents and wasn’t all that pressed to get out. If he wasn’t going to school I’m really not sure if he would have left tbh.

We managed to get a banter going and he asked if I wanted to keep hanging out. We moved to another bar and kept chit chatting. Really, nothing interesting. I would say weird shit just to see how he’d react and every time I did it he’d just chuckle a little so not an awful time on my part.

He walked me to my car and to my surprise, kissed me good night. No make out or anything. Just a perfectly respectable kiss with a slight hand hold. At this point in time I was trying a new thing that if I had a nice time, I would give the guy a second chance. So when he asked me to go out again, I agreed.