Encounter # 75.1: Shmeh

App: Bumble

Name: Marty*

Date Location: El Rincon & Bonfire – Manchester, NH

Location Review:  3.0 Stars – Meh. Service was slow and it wasn’t anything special to ride home about. For NH I guess it’s fine.

2.5 Stars – It’s aight. If you really like country, you’ll probably like it but during the week it’s quiet. Does have live music on weekends that’s not bad though.

Date Duration: 4 hours

What Happened:

Marty and I talked on Bumble awhile back, he ended up meeting someone, and let me know. Well apparently that didn’t work out because he messaged me about a month or so after that.

Talking to him was easy and it wasn’t long until he asked me out for tacos and margs. Overall, the date was fine. The server did take like 20 minutes to get our drink order so there was a lot of awkward silence that could have been made easier with some booze.

Once we got some alcohol things were easier conversation wise. He was working with his dad in his father’s carpet cleaning business but was going to go to physical therapy school in the fall so he had goals. Did think it was kinda weird though that he still lived with his parents and wasn’t all that pressed to get out. If he wasn’t going to school I’m really not sure if he would have left tbh.

We managed to get a banter going and he asked if I wanted to keep hanging out. We moved to another bar and kept chit chatting. Really, nothing interesting. I would say weird shit just to see how he’d react and every time I did it he’d just chuckle a little so not an awful time on my part.

He walked me to my car and to my surprise, kissed me good night. No make out or anything. Just a perfectly respectable kiss with a slight hand hold. At this point in time I was trying a new thing that if I had a nice time, I would give the guy a second chance. So when he asked me to go out again, I agreed.

The Full Story

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my young adult life is that dating is weird.

A little background, from 17-23 I had dated my high school sweetheart. We managed long distance throughout college, always thought we would be together and not to brag, could take a cute pic. However people mature, grow apart, and we ultimately broke up.

This led me to a whole new world which I knew nothing about. I had seen people use dating apps, heard their stories (both good and bad), and realized this was what my life would become.

3 months after my relationship ended I felt ready to embark in this new world. I downloaded the ever popular Tinder, Bumble, and threw in OkCupid and Hinge just to see. Within 1 week on the apps I had my first date courtesy of Bumble. It was the most awkward night of my life but I was so happy that I finally did it. I ripped the band aid off and joined the dating scene.

Over the last year I had my fair share of awkward first dates, undefined relationships, and a slew of messages. Then I moved to NYC and hot damn, things got interesting. There were so many more people, places to go, and awkward moments to be had.

Which brings me here. When I first started dating after my relationship I had no idea what to expect. (And really, I still don’t). But damn it, I love awkward stories. So here for your reading pleasure are my uncomfortable interactions mixed with sweet moments, realizations, and restaurant reviews.