Just a 20-something in Boston who has no fucking clue what she’s doing.

For real, this started as a fun way to tell my friends from home what I was up to and the funny dating stories that happened while I was in New York. It slowly has become much more than that.

I’ve always been somewhat of a writer journaling my random life’s happenings over the years and then ultimately, having a career in marketing. But I never saw a place to communicate such an intimate part of my life in a big way.

Dating is so so fucking weird and when you’re in it you feel like the only one which is how this blog has fully come to where it is now. No one is alone. You’re being ghosted? SAME. You had a date that was cringe? GOT YOU. 1/3 of your sexual partners came from the same graduating class? Well…might just be me on that.

But this whole project, as weird and intimate as it is, is here to remind you that you’re not alone and really, it’s a learning experience. Because when you’re old and your kids ask you about your youth you’ll have some wild ass stories to tell them.