Encounter #77.4: Landscaper

App: Tinder

Name: Ethan*

Date Location: My Apartment

Location Review:  N/A

Date Duration: 13 hours

What Happened:

By some act of God, Ethan kept talking to me and wanted to hang out again after we rekindled things. Usually, things crash and burn shortly after I sleep with a guy so this was a welcome change.

Since I had come up to him, he offered to drive down to me. Date was set. Everyone was excited.

Well then I found out I had to go to Connecticut at 7am to pick up my rescue dog the same morning he’d be waking up with me. FAHHHHHK.

Ethan, being the sweet human he is, didn’t care and had friends who lived in the next town over that he could get breakfast with. I felt so bad but, he kept reassuring me that he was just happy we got to see each other.

We ordered in and as expected, things heated up fairly quickly and we ended up in my bed. The sex was even better than the last time but we kept having condom slippage. In a fit of passion, we said fuck it, we’d talk about it later, and we did our thing.

Afterward, I was like “Sooooo hitting it raw. I’m fine with it but if we’re going to do that, there can’t be other people. I don’t want to pick up anything”. He was fine with it. The whole conversation lasted like 30 seconds and was so chill. We spent the rest of the night chit-chatting, (fucking), cuddling, and all that good stuff.

When we woke up we had 15-20 minutes to spare so we went at it again. Everything was great. He was going to see his friend. I was going to get my dog. And then I checked my phone. The bitch got to Connecticut at 3 a.m.

I won’t say I freaked the fuck out but, I wasn’t my best self. I didn’t know where she was and I felt like I held up the entire animal transport. Ethan, being the sunshine human he is, didn’t seem phased. He pulled me into him and said, “She’s safe. It’s not your fault. It will be okay”. It wasn’t anything major but it felt so good to have someone be there for me in that moment and not have him be freaked out by my anxiety.

A few hours later he asked if I was home and he stopped by on his way back to NH to meet the dog. I smelled like ass. The dog smelled like ass. And he didn’t care.

He had to head home but we kept texting throughout the day and that’s when it happened.


So we kept seeing each other. And it has blown my mind.

  • He calls me every day to say hi and check in
  • I met his friends
  • He met my friends
  • I was on my period, went to blow him, and he stopped me because, “I want to eat you out and it’s not fair for me to get something out of it. You don’t need to have my dick in your mouth for me to like you”.
  • He made a shared note where we can put in date ideas

I have no idea where this will go (there’s something about me posting that things are good that triggers the universe to make it implode) but, I’m so happy/shocked that I’ve experienced whatever this is. It is so straightforward and uncomplicated and on some level, that’s terrifying to me. I’m not bending in 1000 directions to maintain his everything and I don’t think that’s happened in the past 8 years.

So tbd on where this adventure leads but, here’s to the first healthy adventure of 2023.

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