Encounter #93.1: San Fran

App: Hinge

Name: Victor*

Date Location: Bartaco – Boston, MA

Location Review:  4 Stars – We just drank so not sure how it is food-wise but atmosphere was nice

Date Duration: 4 hours

What Happened:

It was my birthday week so damn it, was going to be my week of 20-FINE. When Victor asked me to go out that Friday, had to say yes.

Going in, I did think Victor was going to look like an ill, victorian child based on his photos but when I saw him IRL he was really cute. Tall, decent build, no complaints.

We got a spot at the bar and started chatting. Conversation over text was good and it seemed to translate decently in person. He was from San Francisco originally but came to Boston for college so he could play soccer and then he never left. Worked in sales at some 3-D printing company and was the baby in a popular movie I will not share to keep his anonymity.

Tbh I had no idea if he liked me. At one point he asked me how I thought things were going and I blurted out, “The fuck I know. I can’t get a read on if you’re enjoying this or not”. He confirmed that he was and started breaking out of his shell more and more.

He was definitely west coast in that he was way more chill than me. But he had some moves on him. At one point there was a lull in the conversation and he just blurted out that he thought I was so attractive. So that was cool.

He found out it was my birthday week so he wanted to do something fun with me. I wasn’t looking to be out all night so we decided to walk along the water in Seaport. On the way there, he held my hand and then did this flick of the wrist thing to pull me in. Next thing I knew we were making out and it was pretty damn good. We kept walking and when we got to the water took a bench and kept making out. We were those people.

It was getting late so he walked me all the way to the train and we texted here and there the next day. Then it just stopped. And I don’t know if this is connected in any way but, I tested positive for Covid 3 days later. Curious. Very curious.

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