Encounter #91.1: Construction

App: Tinder

Name: Cory*

Date Location: Alba Restaurant – Quincy, MA

Location Review: 4.0 Stars – Overall pretty good. Only had drinks and apps but the roof deck is so fucking nice.

Date Duration: 3 hours

What Happened:

When I matched with Cory I was just not in the mood for small talk so about 6 messages in I just asked this fucker out. While we were setting plans though he did take a tangent to say, “So you’re really hot. I’m pretty sure we’re the same height though. That okay?” Fuck it, it’s short king spring. Also, thank you for thinking I’m out of your league. Needed the confidence boost.

He lived about 30 minutes away so he offered to come by my neck of the woods which I appreciated. Also, the place he picked had $$$ next to its name on Google so you know that shit is classy.

I beat him to the bar and when I saw him walk in I was both over and underwhelmed. He was built af so even though we were the same height, I still felt like a lady. But he also looked older than I expected. Probably just needed a good skincare routine but his photos were stronger.

We grabbed our table and got to chatting. He worked in construction management, had an MBA, and owned a home. Loved live music. Laughed at all my jokes. Overall, seemed like a decent guy. Nothing really exciting to report.

After we finished our food, we decided that we were going to chill at the beach and have a few drinks. When we left the restaurant I really thought he was going to kiss me but nothing.

Got to the beach and kept chit-chatting then finally he went in for the kiss. It was good. So we kept drinking and made out a little bit. We made plans to see each other again which I was fine with but as time went on, he proved to be a shitty texter. Just really not giving me anything to want to continue the conversation let alone see him again.

The day we were supposed to go out he got tied up at work and we said we’d reschedule. I never did. Just let it die naturally.

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