Encounter #85.2 – The Carpenter

App: Bumble

Name: James*

Date Location: Assembly – Quincy, MA

Location Review: 3.5 Stars – It’s fine. Overall like the vibes but I didn’t think the food was all that.

Date Duration: 3.5 hours

What Happened:

I couldn’t explain it but I was so excited to see James again. It had been a fucking minute since I genuinely wanted to see someone and the banter we had back and forth was just so fun.

It was my turn to pick the date so went for some Taco Tuesday action. Like last time, conversation just flowed. We already had some inside jokes going so we kept roasting each other and making the other laugh. At one point while he ordered, he stopped the waitress and asked if he could mod his order so his could be made with love. It’s not even that funny but he said it so deadpan that I had to laugh.

But really, not much to report on this one. He walked me to my car again (parallel parking is hard!) and since it was cold and I was so far, I offered to drive him up to where he was. And friends, James proved himself to be a worthy counterpart. As soon as we got in the car he put his hand behind my neck, into my hair, and pulled me in for a kiss. Then we started making out and he lightly choked me which was so stupid hot oh my god. Just very dominant and I was super into it.

I drove him back and it wasn’t long after I got home that we made plans to go out again that weekend.

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