Encounter #80.1: Helluva Guy

App: Hinge

Name: Moses*

Date Location: Fox & Hound – Quincy, MA

Location Review:  3.5 Stars – It’s fine. Food was good but not a religious experience by any means.

Date Duration: 2 hours

What Happened:

Going in I wasn’t sure what to expect. He texted me quite a bit leading up so that’s always a toss up. Either we would have chemistry or, we just had a first date through iMessage and would be left with nothing.

Moses had some fun ass facts I will say that. His family was from the Congo and he worked as a behavioral therapist. However, he was also an actor. Did I roll my eyes at that? Yes. But, apparently he was half decent because he was in a Helluva dip super bowl commercial last year.

He offered to come by me which was appreciated and he picked the restaurant. Love a guy who makes plans. He parked next to me and when I glanced over he not only looked like his pictures but, it looked like he took the time to pick out a nice outfit and all that. Love it.

Conversation was dry AF. It felt like an awkward interview. I know I have a big personality but holy shit, he was not giving me anything to work with. It was just me grilling him and then laughing at my own jokes.

Thank goodness the restaurant closed earlier than we thought it did because it gave a solid out. Also, he failed the check dance. I went to throw my card down and he didn’t stop me. Okay, fine. We’re splitting it. Surprised, but it is what it is. What sucked though is that the waitress didn’t see his card so ran the entire check on mine. Womp womp.

We parked next to each other and did the awkward goodbye dance. He seemed like he wanted to kiss me but I just couldn’t read it clearly so went for the hug to be safe. When I got home I got the “Had so much fun…let’s do this again” text. I felt differently so politely declined and that was the end of that.

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