Encounter #79.1: Mass Bae

App: Tinder

Name: Frank*

Date Location: The Townshend – Quincy, MA

Location Review:  4.0 Stars – Good food. Good cocktails. Good vibes.

Date Duration: 2 hours

What Happened:

After things ended with Owen, I didn’t really know what to do. I had moved to a new place and that was a lot in itself but it was weird knowing that I would be shifting back to people who were complete strangers. No knowledge of me. No knowledge of how I grew up. But what scared me most was no accountability. It didn’t matter what I or anyone else did because there was no allegiance. And that was kinda scary, to be honest. Because of COVID, I really hit that NH dating scene hard and it is a small ass state. Even if I didn’t go to high school with someone, there was always a friend of a friend the other knew. This was going to be different.

Eventually, I fired up the apps again and quickly matched with Frank. He was tall, had dark hair, seemed a little nerdy, but was cute. Fuck it. Got nothing to lose. The conversation on the app was good. He was responsive and kept the conversation moving. He did take a while to ask me out but he was willing to drive an hour north of where he lived to meet me so had to give credit where it was due.

The date itself? Meh. This guy wined and dined the fuck out of me though. Apps, cocktails, entrees. Whole thing. But conversation was so incredibly dry and I felt like I was interrogating him. I hated it but I just kept thinking about Owen and how much easier it was to talk to him rather than this fucker.

I did find out though that his last relationship ended maybe 3 months prior, they were together for 5+ years, plus they had a house and a dog together. So our boy was going through it.

After a few hours I called time of death and we walked together towards the parking garage. He got street parking so we did the awkward “Wtf do we do now” dance at his car. I didn’t know where he was at so I went in for the hug and a part of me thought he wanted more but then he didn’t ask me for my number.

He did message me when he got home but it just wasn’t for me. Unmatched. Game Over.