Encounter #69.1: Air Force

App: Tinder

Name: Colton*

Date Location: Sully’s Ice Cream Stand – Chelmsford, MA

Location Review:  4 Stars – Ice cream was so good and was super thick and creamy. Is cash only but has an ATM.

Date Duration: 6 hours

What Happened:

Colton was a winner of “how hot can I bag”. I didn’t really know what to expect but he was good looking and double messaged me on a day I ran into an ex’s family member and was vulnerable. Bitch couldn’t resist.

Talking to him was oddly easy. We had very similar, dark senses of humor and just vibed. He grew up in North Carolina and then joined the Air Force as a medic so he had lived a bunch of places. Despite being military and originally from the south, he didn’t seem to have the belief system to match. He was very respectful of me though and would call me m’am over text which was so fucking hot. Colton was into cross fit and was ripped af so that was fun. Wasn’t mad about some of the pics I got leading up. Also he was reform Jew so that was on brand for me. Was bald though. Can’t have everything.

He wanted to meet my dog and go to a place where we could walk around for a bit so we decided on an ice cream spot that was halfway between the base and my place. He walked up to my car and he looked just as good as he did in his photos. That body don’t quit.

We got some ice cream and took our spot on a bench. Conversation flowed just as easily as it did over text. My dog was being a pain in the ass so we decided to walk around so she could calm down. There were a few times during the walk when I thought we were going to kiss. There was a moment where I saw a horse and I was trying to point out where it was and he just kept staring at me. Then we stopped to chit chat while I let my dog off leash and thought it was going to happen. Nothing. Finally, he went in for it and holy fuck it was perfect. Just the right amount of tongue, had his hand tangled up in my hair while the other was on my back, and the whole world felt like it stopped for a minute. Just magic.

We kept walking around holding hands. We had established early on in the texts prior that we were physical touch type of people so it felt easy in that aspect. No matter what someone was either holding a hand, touching a shoulder, or putting a hand on a back which felt so safe and nice. He was into me and the feeling was mutual.

While we were out he asked me out for another date a few days later so he could take me out to brunch. #Swoon The only possible red flag was that he was looking to transfer to a new base…in Arizona. I wasn’t sure if I had misheard him so I wasn’t going to make it weird.

Despite that, the whole night was just comfortable and very easy. We laughed a lot and made out in between jokes. Eventually my dog was pooped from running around and we decided to call it a night. After I threw her in the car he really went to work and holy fuck the man was good with his hands. Dear god. Basement was flooded.

It was exciting to just be excited about a person again. Even if it didn’t pan out, I was happy and just so curious to see what could happen next.

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