Encounter #20.1: Boy from Neverland

App: Hinge

Name: Reed*

Date Location: Brass Monkey

Location Review: 4.0 Stars – Definitely a cool spot. Their house beer is fantastic, music is cool, food is decent, it’s on the river, and there’s a rooftop bar.

Date Duration: 2 hours

What Happened:

Going in, Reed was definitely weird. But like good weird. Our initial conversation was about Garden Salsa Sunchips and within 7 messages he gave me his number and asked me out. I could dig it.

He was a lot taller than I expected. You know 6’4″ is tall but you never realize it until it’s in front of you. He was cute though. He had the nerdy, lanky, white dude thing going and I could get into it.

We got talking and it was so easy. He had a comedic mind so our conversation was just fucking with the other person and making smart ass comments. Truth be told, because we were just fucking with each other I really didn’t find out much about him. He went to Geneseo in upstate NY, was from Long Island, former frat boy, did improv in the City, Giants fan, tequila drinker, lived near the Upper East side, did a cross country road trip, was into country music, had very personal tattoos (he wouldn’t even tell me what they were, just that they were meaningful to him which I could respect), could bake shit, and he was fucking Peter Pan at Disney.  Oh hot damn.

I had a decent time for once but had no idea where I stood. Was he just fucking with me this whole time or was he also enjoying himself? We were walking the same direction for awhile and then I had to make my turn for my train stop. Then he did it. He went in for the kiss. And it was good. Super soft. And he was super tall so I had to go on my toes. (He was really that fucking tall. I’m 5’8″, had 3 inch heels on, and still had to reach for it.)

We didn’t really text that week so once again, no idea where he was at until he asked me out for date #2.


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