Encounter #16.1: In and Out Date

App: Tinder

Name: Trey*

Date Location: District Tap House

Location Review: N/A – Could not make an effective review

Date Duration: 7 minutes (a new record)

What Happened:

Trey and I had been chatting and texting for nearly 4 days before he asked me out. He seemed pretty normal. Aside from looking like a hedgehog, he worked in finance, was athletic, grew up in Westchester, lived in Hell’s Kitchen, liked to drink, and loved dogs. Nothing too noteworthy.

Just to preface the following events, below was the text exchange that day and a few days prior:

Screenshot batch 3 (1).jpg

Got it? Remember that? Cool.

I met him at the bar and said it was super busy inside but he knew of a spot a few blocks down. We walked over and did small talk about work. Nothing special. We got to the second bar which was also full. I let him know that I was fine with staying there and standing but if he wanted to change locations, that was also fine. Trey said he wasn’t feeling it so we walked out.

When he said he wasn’t feeling it, he meant about the whole situation. We were standing outside and he said, “Yeahh, I’m not feeling this. I’m tired. I’m just going to go home. Nice meeting you”. AND WALKED AWAY.

Okay, I recognize that I am not a supermodel by any means. Probably a 7 with a personality that could bump me to an 8 depending on the crowd. That being said, I do make a point to have photos on my profile that look like me. Too many times have I gone to meet a guy expecting Hottie McHotpants and instead got Homer Simpson. WTF was this asshole expecting? If he didn’t want to go out why didn’t he just cancel when I texted him that day? WHO RAISED HIM?

As I walked to the train I unmatched him and blocked his number. I don’t care what his excuse was going to be. If you’re going to pull that shit I don’t need you in my life.



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