Encounter #14.1: Snooze

App: Hinge

Name: Corbin*

Date Location: MazMezcal

Location Review: 4.0 Stars – Kick ass margaritas but it is more expensive and doesn’t do happy hour

Date Duration: 4 hours

What Happened:

Corbin had a promising ass profile. Tall, late 20s, went to NYU Engineering School, worked at Columbia, and was very deliberate in making plans. Sign me up.

He picked a restaurant on the Upper East Side that all my coworkers raved about. That being said upon glancing at the menu, it was also a pricey spot. Do I order food? Do I stick to drinks? What’s the deal?

We met up and he was very attractive in person but within the first 5 minutes I found out he worked part-time and still lived with his parents. DRINKS ONLY IT IS.

I really don’t have a lot to say about Corbin. He was a nice guy, super nerdy, wanted to make video games, but we just didn’t click. He was very introverted and at the end of each of our sentences we added the, “Well, that’s me” along with an awkward silence and a sip of a drink. The only noteworthy thing that happened was that I laughed, tipped my head back, and slammed it on the window pane behind me.

What really sealed his fate was when he asked what I was doing on dating apps. I was honest and said that ideally I’d like a relationship but I recognize that not everyone is on that same page. I asked what he was doing. He said he wasn’t looking for a relationship which would have been fine if he wasn’t on Hinge AKA THE RELATIONSHIP APP.

One thing I will point out is that he did not do well in the check dance. I pulled out my card and instead of shooing it off we split the bill. No argument. To me that is always a little odd but this was especially weird since he was the one who picked a pricier spot. If you can’t afford it, don’t go there. There are plenty of cheaper places in the area and tbh I’m always down with a Dollar Menu.

He walked me back to my train stop, we hugged, and went on our separate ways. I didn’t text him after. He didn’t text me after. Back to the drawing board.


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