TBT: The Set Up

Name: Brian*

Date Location: Strange Brew Tavern – Manchester, NH

Location Review: 3.0 Stars – If you’re a beer person, absolutely recommend. There’s tons to choose from. It’s great for week nights but I wouldn’t recommend for weekends. You end up in a room which looks like a frat house basement and run into people from high school.

Date Duration: 4 hours

What Happened:

After two unsuccessful dates, it dawned upon one of my best friends that I should go out with her friend. Apparently he was a funny guy, had a similar sense of humor, and was cute. Fuck, I got nothing to lose. She gave him my number and it began.

We texted CONSTANTLY. She was spot on. We joked the same way and had similar views on things. We were texting so much that my mom knew something was up and asked me who I was talking to. This is when I came clean about dating. I don’t know why, but I was really secretive about it. I didn’t want to keep having unsuccessful dates and have my family think that there was something wrong with me, I was a hoe, or whatever else parents can judge you for.

I rolled up to good ole Strange Brew. On the way in he texted me saying to look for the most good looking guy in the room. But then this man flagged me down, and I realized that this guy was my date. Shit. Well, I already came this far and did my hair. I was locked in.

I had great conversation with him. He was respectful, nice, and decently funny but in addition to not wanting anything physical with him, I kind of got the gay vibe. Also, that would explain why we got along so well…

My friend and her boyfriend ended up crashing our date which I was more than fine with. I needed a distraction to plan my out. After another drink I found my opening to leave and took it. Hoping I’d just be able to run out and text message break up this bitch, he walked me to my car. Fuck.

We got to my car and he said how he had such a great time and would like to do it again. At this point in time, I did not have my sea legs. So I responded with, “You know you’re such a great guy and I had a good time. I don’t want to lead you on, I’m just not feeling this romantically”. He looked like he took it well and said he could respect that.

I later found out that when he went back into the bar he immediately ordered shots and got pretty drunk. A few months later, he started dating a friend of mine from way back (named Lauren. Boy got a type for the Laur). They also didn’t work out but at least I got a “set up” under my belt and my friend and I have a great story.


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