Encounter #9.1: Wrong Page

App: Tinder

Name: Pharrell*

Date Location: Suite 36

Location Review: 4.5 Stars – Definitely a really cool spot to go to at night. Their happy hour was affordable, playlist was on point, and looks like it would be a hot club at night.

Date Duration: 2-3 hours

What Happened:

Pharrell and I had been texting for about a week before meeting up. He suggested we ask each other 21 questions, no repeats, 100% honesty. Gimmicky. But fine. I don’t have shit to hide. He was a really interesting guy. He played football through college, studied Economics/International Relations, from California, and had a really special relationship with his mom. Oh. He was also really fucking hot and looked like a buff Pharrell.

We met up and I was more than happy to see he looked like his photos. We kept with our theme of grilling each other. I found out that he worked at NBC and although I have no idea what exactly his job was, he gets to meet some cool people. THE BOY MET OPRAH. We also had almost exact views on religion and politics and had similar kinks so that was a new experience.

I had asked him, “What’s something I should know now that I’m going to find out later?”. And the other foot dropped. He had been in a relationship for 5 years and now that it was over, he was not interested in being in a relationship right now. Shit.

Crazy Laura heard, “He only says that because he hasn’t dated me yet”. Realistic Laura saw a repeat of the Connor situation where she falls for a guy who isn’t 100% into her but has amazing sex with.

Despite that, I really did have a wonderful time. For the first time in months I went on a date that didn’t make me uncomfortable AND I would have wanted a second date.

He walked me back to my train stop and said that he had a feeling he’d be in NJ by December 10th. I sassed him back. “Oh really. I don’t know, no one ever wants to come out to NJ.” He insisted he would and pinky promised. Shit’s serious.

However, when I texted him the next day with the “Hey, had a good time blah blah blah” text, I didn’t hear back. Maybe it’s for the best? On one hand, I want nothing more than to be with someone who makes me happy. I love that feeling when you just love the fucking shit out of another person and it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to do that. But that’s not what he wanted and it would be stupid to try to force it. That being said, I needed to get laid. Like yesterday and this was another set back.


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