Encounter #6.1: Sweet Home Ala-Boston

App: Hinge

Name: Josh*

Date Location: Stout NYC

Location Review: 3.5 Stars – Definitely a cool spot if you’re into beer. The Brooklyn pumpkin was pretty good considering it’s a craft beer. (Hop-y beer is icky)

Date Duration: 2 hours

What Happened:

After having a streak of less than successful dates, I figured I’d give Hinge a shot. Out of all the dating apps I’ve used so far, this one is the most user friendly. The profile layout is very clean, allows for conversations starters outside of “Sup”, and there is no swiping. You either like a photo or answer or hit the “X” at the bottom.

Josh had Red Sox photos on his profile and I was sold. There’s nothing like finding a fellow New England fan in NYC. We talked Patriots, began texting, and made plans for the weekend. He had to work that Saturday morning so I met him for afternoon drinks. He walked up, looked like his photos, and wore a suit. I could work with this.

However after the first 5 minutes into the date I knew that not only did I blow it but, we were not going to work. I ordered a beer and the bartender asked if I wanted the sugar rim. She mentioned that the staff had been making jokes about it since the beer came in. I then said, “Oh yeah, I’ll take the rim job”. The staff laughed. My date did not.

We covered the usual first date questions: “Where are you from, What brought you to NY, Do you like your job,” etc. Because I’m awkward as fuck I kept making jokes which weren’t landing which only made me want to over compensate and do it more. Great going, Laura.

That being said, this was another case of feeling like I was carrying the team on my back. He wasn’t particularly talkative. (Granted, I was making the most awkward jokes so I can’t really hold that against him).

The one thing he kept asking was if I was planning on staying in NYC for awhile. I’ll be honest. I had no fucking clue. Some days I absolutely loved living in the city and some days I just wanted to leave. That may have played a bigger piece than I initially thought. After texting him consistently for a week, going on the date, and ending on “This was fun, we should do it again”, we never spoke again.


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