Situation #4.1: The Twins

Name: Mark* and Mike*

Location: Ziggy’s

Location Review: 5.0 Stars – There’s something about Ziggy’s that makes you into a shitshow. 2 for 1 happy hour drinks, tasty Mexican fare, and some interesting humans

What Happened:

During a BumbleBFF meet up my “lady date”, Rebecca*, and I met a set of identical twins. They were Patriots fans so we immediately got along and started drinking.

A few things about the twins. They came to NY to start a fashion line. Not to throw too much shade but it’s essentially expensive t-shirts. (Granted my version of high fashion is Target so to each his own.) They also played football at a major college and are still living out their glory days…at 30.

What up, Joe?

Despite acting like they’re 22, they know a shit ton of people. At one point one of the twins turned to my friend and I and asked if we watch Grey’s Anatomy. We said yes, he pointed to a guy behind him, and said “Our friend was on it”. As I looked over I expected to see some random extra who had a foot stuck in his butt. Oh no. This guy was legit. WE MET JOE ADLER.

We also met their 2 friends who also work with the “fashion line”. One was pretty cute and was trying to convince us he was 19 while the other was on another planet. No idea what his deal was. Between awkward conversations we danced with the twins, talked Patriots defense, and drank.

After 2 margs, 2 scorpion bowls, and 2 tequila shots it was time for us to bounce. We each gave a twin our number and headed out from the bar. We thought it would be a one time thing. We were wrong.


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