Situation #3.3: The Wedding Date

Name: David*

What Happened:

David and I were talking pretty regularly. We would call each other once or twice a week, snapchat here and there, and send funny Instagram posts. Our conversations were mostly fueled by alcohol. Except for this one time.

He called me on a Sunday night and the conversation was pretty normal but I could tell something wasn’t quite right. We finished our conversation, he hung up, and then called me right back.

He was very stressed and said he just needed someone to listen. I agreed and found out that he was really upset because he’s had a crush on a girl for 2 years, she was dating his friend, they had just broken up, and he didn’t know what to do because he was so hung up on it.


YES THANK YOU I NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS OTHER GIRL. He then followed it up with, “I like you too, you just live so far away…I see her all the time and it’s so hard. I can’t stop thinking about her…I still want to come up and visit you though”

WTF DAVID. Because I’m too nice, I told him that if he thought he had a shot with her he should take it. I mean I get it, I’ve been hung up on people I couldn’t have. But I wouldn’t vent to someone I have interest in. On what planet is this a normal thing to do?

Apparently he had told her awhile back how he felt and she wasn’t into it. Bruh, what do you want me to do about it? Am I in a bromance now? Are we gym buddies? Bold move, David. BOLD. MOVE.


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