Encounter #4.2: The Struggle

App: Tinder

Name: Shane*

Date Location: The Cuban followed by drinks at The Brass Rail

Location Review: 4.5 Stars – So. Good. Had more red meat than poultry options and was a little pricey. But, incredibly flavorful food. The bar afterwards was fine, definitely would be cool for brunch.

Date Duration: 3-4 hours

What Happened:

I went against my instincts and agreed to a second date with Shane. Maybe I’m just a huge bitch, he was nervous, and this time will be better. More so the first thing but FUCK IT. I’m getting food out of this deal.

I met him at the bar and headed to our table. Within 3 minutes I wanted to leave. We were going over the same things we talked about last time and this asshole wasn’t giving me anything to work with. I felt like I was back in my Resident Assistant days having to fake interest in what residents were saying and having to have at least 3 questions in cue for the awkward silence.

This caused me to get a little tipsy. Whenever there was an awkward silence I took a sip of my drink. There were quite a few awkward silences in the first 20 minutes and I got 2 drinks down before our meal came out. Oops.

The food was bangin’. Definitely wouldn’t have been a place I’d normally go to because of the price tag but that chicken was so flavorful and tender. This was the moment I realized that I’m a food digger.

After we ate he noted how early it was and that we could get drinks before heading out. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN MY OUT. But I like drinking so I agreed. In a search for conversation starters I asked what his type was and somehow this led to a touch of antisemitism. He was talking about his hometown and how the Jewish population has increased. But then he followed it up with how because of the Jewish people the town has gone downhill, there are all these tax issues, and “it’s a real mess”. UHMMM. Kay. Time to go.

We finished our drinks and I was walking back to the train station but he stopped me. He insisted I take an Uber with him since we were both heading in the same direction and the train takes so long. Okay fine. I didn’t get the murderer vibe, he was being nice, and I would be home a little sooner.

We chatted the whole way home but in the back of my head I was wondering how this was going to go down. We kissed last time so it’s probably going to happen again and I had no plans to invite him up. When we pulled up to my place I tried to scoot but he went in for the kiss. 5 second make out. He offered to walk me to my door and by that point I was halfway out of the car. I insisted I was fine and I booked it over to my door as the Uber drove away with Shane.

He texted me that night saying that he good time and thanked me for “being such a good date as always”. I waited until the next morning to drop the bomb, or as I like to call it Nagasaki-ing*.

I recognize I fucked up. If I’m not into someone I really shouldn’t waste their time, kiss them, and text them. But I learned something from this experience and that is everyone is full of shit. I know myself best and I’m an asshole. If I don’t like someone after 5 minutes, I won’t like them after two 4-hour dates.


*Nagasaki-ing: Sending a text to break something off, deleting all chats in apps, and blocking a person’s number so as to drop a bomb and fly away blissfully.

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