Encounter #2.2: Hat Guy

App: Tinder

Name: Dan*

Date Location: Pier I & Central Park

Location Review: 4.5 Stars – Beautiful summer spot. On the water and you can order food (and full bottles of wine) at a stand then bring it to your table. Plus lots of people walking their dogs.

Date Duration: 5 hours

What Happened:

I met up with Dan and he was already ready with a bottle of white wine. A man after my own heart. We downed it and ordered fried snacks. It was such a beautiful place and the sun was going down over the water while we chatted.

Once again, conversation was on point. Rarely do I find that someone meets my standards in this realm. Aside from making me nearly pee myself laughing, we got to the shit and had the past relationship conversation. Also, he kept complimenting me in ways I never have experienced. I was telling him a story of how this guy I used to fuck around with chapped his dick from riding a motorcycle and his response was, “That’s really sexy how you said that. ‘Fucking around’. I like it”. And he caught on to how I spoke and pointed out my “Laura Catch Phrases”.

We walked over to Central Park and he took my hand and pulled me over a fence to watch the cast of Shakespeare in the Park rehearse. I couldn’t tell you how the actors were because we kept making our own commentary and crude comments.

We strolled around for awhile trying to find the area of the park where dogs walk at night but ultimately gave up and sat in a gazebo by the lake. Then things got a smidge awkward.

Everything was business as usual until he said, “You know this is really weird for me. It’s the second date. Usually we’d be getting down right now…Oh I made you uncomfortable. I’m sorry. Taking it slow is different for me but it’s really nice. It’s good”. KAYYY. But who am I to judge? Typically I don’t do second dates so maybe I should restructure my methods.

We walked to the train station and rode the subway together until we had to part ways on the platform and did the “who’s going in to kiss” look. Dan says, “You’re really sweaty. I’m really sweaty. Now is not the moment. I’ll text you later”, we hugged, and parted ways.

He did in fact text me later and we were on for Date #3.


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