Situation #1.1: Creepy Old Dudes

Name: Craig? and Scotty

Location: Fager’s Island – Ocean City, Maryland

Location Review: 4.5 Stars – I have a soft spot for Maryland but I also love trashy dancing, drinks, and being on the beach more than anything.

What Happened:

My college roommate and I hadn’t seen each other in years and just wanted to dance our asses off. Best place to do that? Ocean City, Maryland! It’s so delightfully trashy but the bars are super fun, there’s tasty food, and lots to see.

We went out to Fager’s to eat and get a few drinks before things picked up. While we were out on the water taking photos these 2 old guys (not the “George Clooney sexy” kind. The “hat-wearing, sunglasses strap, creepy” kind) came up and offered to take our photo. Fine. They take the pictures, we chatted, and found out that they were alums of our college. One even made a comment about how much older they were and that they were old enough to be our dads.

They insisted on buying us drinks and we were broke so we agreed. Then the unwanted flirtation began. We both got uncomfortable and tried to sneak away but they wouldn’t leave us alone. We headed back out onto the water because we, as in my roommate and I and nobody else, wanted to snap pics. Alone. But they came anyways.

Eventually they began asking what we were planning on doing that night. We kept giving the vague, “I don’t know yet. We’re still figuring it out”. But they whipped out the phones and asked for our numbers. FUCK. I put in my fake name and in a moment of wisdom, my ex’s number.

Scotty texted the number immediately and my ex responded. Immediately. Scotty turned to me and goes, “Wow, you already forgot my name. You’re fast though. I didn’t even see you take out your phone”.

FUCK. I pulled my roommate, made up something about needing to shit, and ran out of the bar. I called my ex because alcohol told me to, explained the situation, and apologized. He was cool with it but lesson learned: put your friend’s number. Never a boy’s.


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