Encounter #2.1: Hat Guy

App: Tinder

Name: Dan*

Date Location: Fat Cat Lounge on the Lower West Side

Location Review: 4.5 Stars – Super cool bar. There’s live jazz/swing music, cheap drinks, and dark lighting

Date Duration: 3 hours

What Happened:

I took a chance on Dan. Typically I will not swipe right on a person if they only wear hats in their photos, (Really, what are you hiding under there?!), but I figured I should stop being an asshole and give him a shot.

He met me outside of the bar and I was pleasantly surprised to see that despite wearing a hat, he was quite dreamy. Over 6 ft, blue eyes, broad shoulders, nice smile. DAMN.

He has probably been one of the most interesting people I’ve met. He lived off the grid for a year, before going “FUCK IT. Moving to NYC”, used to play football in high school despite being a shit, and now holds a management position in a construction company. For those who know me well, I’m really into men who can fix things.

It has been a long time since I connected with someone so quickly. There was no awkward silence or scrambling for a question, we made bestiality jokes, discussed racism, shared our most embarrassing moments, and exchanged numbers right then and there.

He walked me back to the train station and we awkwardly hugged. I got home, he had checked in to see if I made it back okay, and we got to work on the second date.


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